Please explore 2014 Senior Capstone projects by clicking on the links in the sidebar.

2014 projects include:

  • "A Case for Health Education for Women in the Developing World" by Lucy Smith '14 (Biology)
  • "Addressing Crisis Pregnancies on a College Campus" by Elizabeth Owers '14 (Science Pre-Professional Studies)
  • "Bear One Another's Burdens" by Christina Mondi '14 (Psychology)
  • "Breaking Down the Hierarchy" by Meghan Krueger '14 (Biology)
  • "Feasibility Analysis: The Portland Coffee Company and CST" by John Mundaden '14 (Accounting)
  • "Health Literacy in America" by Sarah Graveline '14 (Science-Business)
  • "Natural Family Planning: Our Opportunity to Bring Forth a Culture of Life" by Kaitlin VanderKolk '14 (Biology)
  • "Taking CST Beyond CSR: The Call to Address Unemployment" by Mara Stolee '14 (IT Management)
  • "The Impacts of Legalization on the View of Morality" by Jen Gallic '14 (Economics)
  • "The Official Hurricane Name Book" by Renee Roden '14 (Film, Television, and Theater and Theology)

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