"Breaking Down the Hierarchy"

Bringing Humility and Spirituality to the Provider-Patient Relationship

Meghan Krueger '14

Biology Major and CST Minor

Advisor: Professor Bill Purcell


"For my capstone project, I designed a day-and-a-half long retreat for college sophomores planning to pursue careers in the health professions. The inspiration for this project came from my personal experience as a pre-health student, service experiences that I have had throughout my time at Notre Dame, and a desire to share what I have learned about what CST has to say about relationships with my peers. This retreat is meant to give students the opportunity to step back from the busyness of student life and reflect on why they feel called to the health professions and how they can best treat those that they serve. Through a series of activities and speakers, and through the lens of CST, with a focus on human dignity and solidarity, participants would gain new perspective on compassionate care, the definition of healing, and the importance of humility in the provider-patient relationship. The goal of this retreat would be to refocus the students for the rest of their undergraduate careers and their discernment processes, bringing special emphasis and awareness to the relational side of medicine."

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