"A Case for Health Education for Women in the Developing World"

A Catholic Social Teaching Perspective

Lucy Smith '14

Biology Major and CST Minor

Advisor: Professor Bill Purcell

Lucy Smith

"For my Capstone Project for a minor in Catholic Social Tradition, I chose to reach out to a community that I had worked for as a part of the International Summer Service Learning Program in Antigua, Guatemala. I targeted women as the perfect population to reach out to in order to improve nutrition and nutritional understanding for both them and children. Guatemala ranks 3rd in the world for malnourishment, and could easily be aided by improved health education. By improving the education of women, we are empowering them and respecting their right to work as head of household. Living in solidarity, I am using the educational pamphlet to reach out to my fellow sisters and friends in Guatemala by sharing what I have to improve their quality of life. The Catholic Social Tradition minor has broadened my worldview and given me a theological and moral lens that will allow me to improve the world in as many ways as I possibly can."