Curricular Structure of the CST Minor (Total: 15 Credits)

Any undergraduate student interested in the themes of the Catholic social tradition may elect the minor in CST. Students in the Catholic Social Tradition minor are required to take 15 credit hours, including a core course, 2 three-credit electives, a senior capstone, and 3 one-credit colloquia/social concerns seminars.

1 CST Core Course - 3 credits

Catholic Social Tradition core course (CST 33001 or an approved substitute)

Electives - 6 Credits (2 Three-Credit Courses)

  1. Cross-listed courses
  2. Courses that carry the CSTE attribute
  3. Summer Service Learning Project (SSLP)
  4. International Summer Service Learning Project (ISSLP)
  5. CST Internship*: School year or summer placement taken as a distinct course
  6. "Empirical" course*: One course that may not have CST content, but addresses an area of CST concern, such as poverty, immigration, or war
  7. CST Special Studies*/Directed Readings*

* The CST Internship, Empirical course, Special Studies and Directed Readings require approval from one of the CST Minor Co-Directors.

The same course cannot count twice towards the minor. For example, a student cannot count two Appalachia's, or two SSLP's. 

1 Senior Capstone Course - 3 Credits (Spring of Senior Year)

CST Senior Capstone

3 One-Credit Courses - 3 Credits

  1. One CST colloquium (courses that carry the CSTC attribute)
  2. One social concerns seminar (courses that carry the CSTS attribute)
  3. One additional CST colloquium or social concerns seminar (courses that carry the CSTC or CSTS attributes)

Declaring the Minor

In order to declare the minor, contact the CST Minor office:
Paula Muhlherr
(574) 631-9402

You may also make an appointment with one of the co-directors to declare or learn more about the CST Minor: Bill Purcell or David Lantigua

Application Deadline

Rolling Admission