Racial Disparities in High School Advanced Courses by Josie Wesseler

Racial Disparities in High School Advanced Courses

In support of the Notre Dame Center for STEM Education, I analyzed data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Civil Rights Data Collection from the US Department of Education to see what racial disparities might exist in student participation in AP and Dual Enrollment classes. In every state and every category, there was a significant disparity, with White and Asian American students generally overrepresented and Black, Hispanic, and other minority students underrepresented. This disparity was especially significant in STEM courses. In sharing this presentation with middle school teachers, I hope that their awareness of the disparities their students are facing can help them to better foster the potential of all of their students, especially those in underrepresented populations.

Josie Wesseler
Applied & Comp. Math & Stats, Other Minors & Programs: Data Science

 Racial Disparities In High School Advanced Courses

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