"Bridging Social Dissonance by Disseminating Harmony" By Carolyn Cleary

This project is a seven piece music album entitled "Routes" highlighting the seven Core Principles of Catholic Social Tradition and how they are both the roots of catholicism and the pathways (or routes) to actively continue the formation of our faith. Each piece, which all elevate one principle, have elements of different music genres to aid in disseminating the principles to a wide variety of individuals. The lyrical content of each work was built upon a foundation of archetypal symbols and emotions that were gathered from a community survey where participants were asked to tell stories or feelings that were evoked by taking time to reflect on each principle. The goal of this album is to extend the reach of the core principles thus creating a more empathic, socially just, and reflective society. - Carolyn Cleary

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A link to Carolyn's album "Routes" is coming soon!
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Photograph of Carolyn Cleary