"An Introduction to Catholic Social Tradition for Engineering Students Workshop" by Emily Apakian

"Google doesn't report much on 'Catholic social teaching and engineering.' As a chemical engineering student, I was interested in integrating these topics and teaching other engineering students how to do the same since resources are scarce. I developed a workshop for students of all engineering disciplines, which includes a brief introduction to CST, why it matters in relation to engineering, periods of self-reflection and group discussion, and ideas for application of CST to one's studies and future career. I divided the workshop into four modules: human dignity, the common good, care for creation, and putting it all together. In addition to devising a plan for the workshop leader to use, I also developed a booklet for participants to write notes and use as a resource. I hope that this workshop will be a useful tool for engineering students and engineers working in industry, as incorporating Catholic Social Tradition into one's career and personal life is integral to making decisions that impact human lives and the world, relating to others, and living out the faith." - Emily Apakian


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Cst Capstone Presentation Emily Apakian

Cst Capstone Booklet Emily Apakian

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